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Frans Corten

This website is a pleasure for the gifted adults, the inventors and other birds of a rare feather. Frans Corten from the Netherlands has been coaching these exceptional talents in work and life for over twenty years. In his book he brings his know-how together to serve the world. The guide is beautifully designed in co-creation with three artists. It is encouraging, pleasant to feel and to look at. It is a present for you and your friends.

The Netherlands is one of the first countries in the world where gifted adults received special attention. Is it because they stand out in our flat country, with only a few hills and no mountains? Frans has been involved in the community of coaches for the gifted from the very beginning. In this community the first articles were published and the first meetings and congresses were organised. Nearly a thousand reactions came from all over the country and from abroad.

The book is available in Dutch and in English in a professional, lively written translation.
On this website, you can see several pages of the book, read reviews and find something about the making of this wonderfully designed book.

Exceptional talent

As an exceptional talent – whether gifted or not – you may not automatically find your way in life and work. You can experience a big gap between what you need and what you encounter. This richly illustrated book will help you create your own path. Not by adapting, but by attuning instead. The book ends with portraits of exceptional talents and an inventor who has gone down this road before you.

You can order the Dutch version and order the English version via this website.